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Schoolization is an online education company offering personalized English, fun and practical classes.

We make global classrooms more accessible to students and teachers by connecting virtually around the world! Our innovative online platform enables the students to receive an unparalleled exchange of learning and cultural experience with our fluent English-speaking teachers.

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Come join us at one of our Preschool courses. All of your classes will be taught by a highly qualified teacher with a degree and you may choose from a various of Age 3-5 group classes that we offer. Preschool classes are designed to be educational, engaging, safe  and nurturing. Lesson materials are delivered effectively to the little ones with our exceptional curriculum.   

Our Preschool coursework is taken in an online classroom setting to prepare the students for elementary years. It is also  to help Homeschool parents who want a curriculum to help guide their child with a little more structure. We will give you all of the tools you need to make this program a success for you and your little scholar.

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up is simple. Simply create your secured account,  schedule a Free Trial Class or choose a monthly subscription plan that works for you and your family.  Preschool classes are offered throughout the week to give you plenty of options to choose from. Go to your dashboard and click “Live Classes” then “Browse Group Classes.”

You may cancel or reschedule any of your classes, or change your schedule completely, by simply giving us a 24-hour notice. Please see terms for more details.

For the Kids

A Fun and Engaging Learning Experience for Young Learners

Do you want to introduce or strengthen your child’s FOREIGN LANGUAGE skills? We understand that children absorb and process a new language differently from adults. Through our certified and highly-trained teacher, we can guide them based on each child’s  self motivation, background knowledge and learning goals.

We have created a curriculum specifically for Young Learners (YL) between the ages of 4 to 16, adapting to your child’s unique way of learning. Our Major Course English YL curriculum will be an essential part of your child’s learning journey.

The curriculum is broken apart into 8 levels and 2 categories as beginner and intermediate that we offer. 

Your young learner will learn at the pace you choose depending on how many classes per week. The needs will vary and change through time as they grow with our curriculum.

General English or Supplementary Classes?

Starting at age 4 and above , English learners may choose to take other supplementary courses. These course options help our young learners to focus on areas they need to improve or perhaps spend more time on topics they enjoy more. Which ever course chosen, it will be useful as they prepare to go through their school years and build a strong foundation for their future.


If they’ve studied the language before, we will evaluate their current level during the free trial class we offer.

What we offer

The most personalized language learning experience for adults
6 levels, flexible online classes globally

Schoolization offers 6 learning levels for the English language, adhering to the structure of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). While each level is normally completed in about 40-60 private classes, you can learn at your own pace with the course contents customized to meet your own goals and specific learning needs whether it is for professional, academic or personal use.

If you’ve studied the language with us, we will evaluate your current level during the trial class.

Your choice of teacher and time.

All of your classes will be taught by the teacher or teachers that you choose, at the time scheduled by you. You may cancel or reschedule any of your classes, or change your schedule completely, by simply giving us a 24-hour notice.

General English or Business English?

Starting at level B1, English learners may choose between the General English and the Business English programs. The latter focuses specifically on vocabulary and topics used in the world of business, finance and commerce.

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Schoolization is committed to teaching!

Greetings from Shanghai, China ~

As a parent I am so glad to receive your feedback.Now I 100% believe Samuel’s decision was correct and amazing. He found a great teacher who is committed to teaching and is so willing to share with the children how to learn, how to have fun and how to make continuous progress.
Thank you so much!

– Hannah/Samuel’s Mom

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When you take our one-on-one or small group English online classes, you are learning more with our online platform because you can take your classes whenever and wherever with less distraction and perhaps at the comfort of your own home at a very affordable price. The classes are tailored to your goals and needs.  We also offer small group online classes to those who are looking to interact more with other peers and share the experience with others who are on a similar track.




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