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Schoolization is an online education company offering personalized English language classes.

We make global classroom more accessible to students and teachers by connecting virtually around the world! Our innovative online platform enables the students to receive an unparalleled exchange of learning and cultural experience with our fluent English-speaking teachers.

When you take our one-on-one or small group English online classes, you are learning more with our online platform because you can take your classes whenever and wherever with less distraction and perhaps at the comfort of your own home at a very affordable price. The classes are tailored to your goals and needs.  We also offer small group online classes to those who are looking to interact more with other peers and share the experience with others who are on the similar track.

When you take classes from Schoolization, you work with educators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and a willingness to impact the world in a bigger picture of things. It is a cross-cultural connection that makes it so magnificent! Our educators have diverse training, administrative, and academic experience. We provide the curriculum and they teach on their own schedule.  It is a win-win for both our teachers and students. Whether you want to learn a whole new language or simply take a class of your interest, we are here to assist and grow with your learning journey… Taking it virtually!

for the teachers

You make a difference.

Earn money virtually  & flexibly

Teach online from your home and on your schedule.

Be creative & inspire

Personalize our curriculum and teach the way you want.

Motivated learners of all ages

Work with learners who have chosen to be at your class.

No Administration work

Spend your time on teaching not paperwork.


the reviews

I look forward to Teacher Brenda's classes every time.
I am STEPHENIA. After I joined an online class platform, I changed teachers several times, but in the end I only chose BRENDA. Occasionally because of the time I can’t work together, when my mother tries to give me another teacher, I can’t find an interesting teacher like BRENDA. BRENDA will tell me the stories of her children, recommend collections that are suitable for me to read, and talk to me about what happens every day. - Stephenia, 8
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We love you Teacher Brenda! ♥
Brenda is a teacher who respects children's nature. She is good at interacting with children and encouraging them to develop self-confidence. She is very popular with children!
- Mon Mon/ Tony's Mom
Schoolization is committed to teaching!
Greetings from Shanghai, China ~ As a parent I am so glad to receive your feedback. Now I 100% believe Samuel’s decision was correct and amazing. He found a great teacher who is committed to teaching and is so willing to share with the children how to learn, how to have fun and how to make continuous progress. Thank you so much!
- Hannah/Samuel’s Mom



the founder


Hey there!

Some of my Life’s blessings came from the hardest lessons learned from my journey and the choices that I make each moment is what makes me who I am today. I have learned to not only embrace the big moments in life, but to cherish all the small things that come my way. I am grateful for the breathtaking reality of what is. I know I can’t change what was, but sure can lavishly love and honor the people in my life.

I have worn many hats up to this point in my life. My motivation and highly driven personality helped me to graduate with my doctorate degree in my early twenties where I served patients at the hospital for more than twelve years. Some years ago, my life hit a turning point and I was called on a mission. It was a very tough season, but my mission was to be in the light, learn my lessons, and someday help people who may be in need. I had realized what was a part of my life at that time no longer served me. I needed to change for myself and my children.

And that’s when I turned homeschooling mama and joined a community of online teachers teaching students around the world. I had taught before  and always enjoyed working with kids.  Things fell into place when my good friend told me about teaching online and inspired me to do something different. He helped me to see life from a different angle  and made me better as a whole.  After becoming a homeschooling mom and an online teacher, I realized that this lifestyle gives a lot of flexibility as an individual and as a family with young learners.  I saw that my kids were happier and building up themselves as individuals focusing on their strengths.  

Not long after, some of my students and parents from different countries would request me as their exclusive foreign language teacher.  I was thrilled and felt honored because I knew what I offered worked.  I also saw it as an opportunity to offer this classroom setting to more learners across the globe. I knew right then and there that I wanted to expand my business and open my own school to provide eager learners the same experience with a building block curriculum in mind. I was inspired to work towards my goal and within a year, Schoolization was formed! It is my mission to share my knowledge, experience, and resources with as many students and parents as possible.

My inspiration comes from the people I love most in my life.  Thank you for being present!

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The Community

A place where we EDUCATE to ELEVATE students to feel truly connected to their education.