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From Super Phonics to Story Time to English classes for young learners and adults, Schoolization feeds our student’s curiosity and elevates their learning with a variety of 20+ classes.

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Grow your learner’s confidence and skills with live online classes that meet in one-on-one private classes or small groups classes.

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Schoolization is an online education platform offering personalized English language classes and various of Preschool (Age 3-5) courses. We make global classroom more accessible to students and teachers by connecting virtually around the world! Our innovative online platform enables the students to receive an unparalleled exchange of learning and cultural experience with our fluent highly trained and experienced teachers.

When you take our one-on-one or small group online classes, you are learning more with our online platform because you can take your classes whenever wherever with less distraction and perhaps at the comfort of your own home at a very affordable price. The classes are tailored to your goals and needs.  We also offer small group online classes to those who are looking to interact more with other peers and share the experience with others who are on the similar track.

When you take classes from Schoolization, you work with educators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and a willingness to impact the world in a bigger picture of things. It is a nurturing connection that makes it so magnificent! Our educators have diverse training, administrative, and academic experience. We provide the curriculum and they teach on their own schedule.  It is a win-win for both our teachers and students. Whether you want to learn a whole new language, a Preschool course for you little ones, or simply take a class of your interest, we are here to assist and grow with your learning journey… Taking it virtually!

What people are saying

is always very patient and passionate waiting for…

I’m Stephenia’s mother. Stephenia was lucky enough to meet Brenda after joining the online class community. We have been studying with Brenda for almost a year. Every time I hear Brenda brings my daughter to do a lot of communication (conversations.) Brenda is very good at opening the child’s chatterbox. Basically, the child will not be satisfied with a 25-minute class, and Brenda is always very patient and passionate waiting for Stephenia to express what she wants to express. Sometimes when we can’t get Brenda’s lessons, we will try to take other teachers’ lessons, but other teachers often teach in a coping style, and leave the  class in a hurry after finishing the course work. And Brenda always observes the children’s emotions very carefully, hooks out the children’s desire to express, and often stays in the classroom for us until the beginning of the next class. By the way, many times I join their conversations after the lesson is done, and she will tell us about interesting things that happened in her place. We love BRENDA very, very, very much. Brenda’s classes are hard to find. . . We love you, BRENDA.

– Stella/ Stephenia’s mom

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we can find this at Schoolization 

I am father of Thomas.

Thomas has taken online classes for two years and eleven months. Thomas saids You are his best favorite teacher. Thomas has spent over 100 courses with you. Every weekend, he is looking forward to the two happy English classes. In half an hour, he has not only learned English language knowledge, but also learned a lot of valuable life knowledge through the careful guidance of his teacher. Every time you laugh, the children’s enthusiasm for learning is stimulated. Thomas also asked me if you are Chinese, because we have the same physical characteristics. Maybe it is this closeness that makes children more relaxed and more willing to interact in the learning process.           

I often say to Thomas that language is the bridge of communication. Mastering English will let him touch the wider world, communicate with more people and call him friends. I’m glad to meet you in his childhood language learning. The constant interaction of this kind of video makes the learning scene more real and friendly, and the process is no longer boring.          

I know that you have also developed a great interest in China and Chinese in the process of teaching Thomas. I hope this two-way interactive exchange will let you know about China now, lively and lovely Chinese children. If you come to China and visit Beijing, Thomas and my family would like to be your guide to visit the ancient and modern Beijing.         

– Peng Hong/ Thomas’s father

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Became a student here by chance

We are so lucky and proud to become one of your students by chance. When Daniel started to study English online, he couldn’t pay attention. I was worried about my choice.

Until my son Daniel meet you, Teacher Brenda, you found his problem and gave us some very wonderful and effective suggestions. You wrote an email to me and ask about Daniel’s interests. We discussed how to spark Daniel’s motivation and excitement for English class. You lead him to pay his attention, remind him the rules in class and encourage him to build his confidence. Most important of all, I find you really love children. I understand these things you do is not your responsibility and is not what you have to do. But you did it with your heart. I think that is the power of true love for children.

– Eva/Daniel’s Mom

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since your classes, she has made great progress in English and now  she  is more confident.

I am the mother of Vivian. It is my pleasure to be writing to you. Thank you for your kindness and patience to Vivian, since you taught her English in 2018, she has made great progress in English. Now,  she  is more confident in English learning.
We are planning to visit US in the coming future, we wish we can visit you in US .
Best wishes !

– Vivian’s mom  

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