Little Scientist Course Description

Little Scientist

In this course, students will be introduced to a range of scientific concepts to spark their inquiring minds! The lessons all link to age-appropriate science themes, such as floating and sinking, magnetism, plants, friction, sound, light and the properties of materials. We aim to support our little learner to gain subject knowledge, learn new scientific vocabulary, make predictions, and carefully observe experiments. 

The Little Scientist lessons all include the opportunity for student to freely explore, conduct and observe experiments and deepen their thinking through extension activities. We aim to keep the sessions hands-on so that the students remain active, both physically and cognitively! The lessons also support inquiry into science, rather than specific right and wrong answers.

To support the learners’ scientific inquiry, the teacher will guide them through understanding the subject-specific language, asking questions, making predictions, and setting up equipment for experiments. It is expected that parents will support their child in these sessions, particularly with some of the trickier techniques. This helps to make our lessons great fun for both younger students who will require a bit more adult help, to older students who can work more independently and ensures every child leaves the lesson with a better understanding of how our wonderful world works!