English Major Course Level 2 Course Description

English Major Course Level 2

In this course, students will build on their language learning from Level 1. This will be achieved through a specific focus on speaking and listening, reading, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and math activities. Learning will be contextualized in age-appropriate topics, including colors and shapes, people at home, birthdays, and the outdoors.

The English Major Course Level 2 lessons provide revision of alphabet letters and their sounds, introducing students to a broader range of words starting with these letters and encouraging students to blend these sounds in words. Students will practice through a combination of call and response, reading activities, spelling activities, and reading rhymes. In addition, students will be introduced to a new sight word, also known as a high frequency word, in each lesson. Sight word stories provide an opportunity for students to read these focus words in context.

In grammar, students will be introduced to changing singular nouns into plural nouns, using modal auxiliary verbs, using a range of subject pronouns, first- and third-person conjugation and demonstrative adjectives among others.

Opportunities for math learning will also support learners’ progress and development of English vocabulary. In Level 2, students will learn to practice counting up to 20, reading and writing numbers in numerical and word form, recognizing more or less in a group, creating and answering number sentences, and recognizing and describing shapes.