Our Mission

Our kids are our future and what we do today is our legacy. We want kids to be prepared for life and not just in the classroom and teaching them early helps to give them the best possible future. Because of this vision, we want to offer high quality lessons to kids across the globe virtually. That’s why we created Schoolization Global Education.

Learning through English immersion and STEAM hands on projects is learning for life

Lessons with native English speakers who will guide your child through every class whether it is the Foreign Language Major Course, Little Artist, or other coursework. We create a nurturing environment where we challenge the kids but also help them to find balance in building up their confidence. We maximize their speaking time and the chance to develop English fluency and STEAM hands on skill sets.

The Schoolization Approach

The Schoolization Approach

New vocabulary is introduced alongside with images, creating a direct connection between the English word and the concept, and bypassing the need for translation.

Children listen to their native English-speaking teacher, hearing the vocabulary in its natural pronunciation and grammatical context.

The teacher encourages the student to use new vocabulary in their own sentences and provides direct feedback to keep the student engaged and motivated.

Interactive classrooms with videos, songs, exercises, projects, and games support student to relate and apply the new English vocabulary to talk about their own life. This promotes longer-lasting memories than passive memorization.

Students are asked to think critically and use new vocabulary to express their ideas and opinions. Students begin to own the English language as they practice thinking in English.

As they advance, students are encouraged to utilize the new vocabulary and sentences along with their ideas on the topic in their daily lives.

Designed by experts, loved by kids.

20,000+ classes booked by students in different countries.


Conversational Fluency

Our program starts by learning a baseline of English vocabulary words and using simple grammatical constructions in forming sentences related to the coursework.


Language and STEAM Skills

After establishing a baseline of spoken English fluency, specific skills such as phonics, spelling, creative minds, hands on motor skills, and body movement are gradually introduced.


Academic Proficiency

In advanced Foreign Language English courses, students are introduced to advanced academic vocabulary, as well as complex grammatical topics aligned to standardized learning benchmarks.

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Designed by experts, loved by kids.

20,000+ classes booked by students in different countries.