English Major Course Level 3 Course Description

English Major Course Level 3

In this course, students will build on their language learning from Level 2. This will be achieved through a specific focus on all elements of the English language, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. To do this, lessons will introduce new vocabulary, specific grammar skills, new phonic words containing a specific blend, sight words, and new mathematical concepts. Learning is contextualized in age-appropriate topics, including seasons, numbers, homes, music, and wild animals.

The English Major Course Level 3 lessons provide an introduction to common initial blends in words, such as fl, sl, br, gr, bl and pl. Read arounds will introduce students to a number of words featuring these initial blends and phonics rhymes are included for students to improve their reading of words with the focus blend. Sight words are also introduced and practiced through writing tasks and the reading of a sight word story.

In grammar, students will be introduced to more complex grammatical rules, including asking who, what and where questions, subject/verb agreement, prepositions, compound nouns, simple present tense, possessive adjectives, and demonstratives (this, that, these, those).

Opportunities for math learning will also support learners’ progress and development of English vocabulary. In Level 3, students will practice using place value models, comparing the size of numbers, writing numbers to 100 in standard and word form, adding within 20, and solving word problems.

A writing project running throughout the unit will allow the students to apply new vocabulary within a writing task that is presented to the teacher in the final lesson of the unit.