English Major Course Level 5 Course Description

English Major Course Level 5

In this course, students will build on their language learning from Level 4. This will be achieved through a specific focus on key texts, action words, reading exercises, listening exercises, writing practice and math. Lessons will introduce key vocabulary, provide revision of known grammatical concepts and introduce new grammar foci, provide role play opportunities, and continued practice of phonics to support reading skills. Learning is contextualized in age-appropriate topics, including festivals and celebrations, forms of transportation and pen pals.

The English Major Course Level 5 lessons focus on vowel digraphs, such as /oo/, /au/, /ow/ and /or/ and introduce alternative spellings for these sounds, for example that the spelling or /or/ and /aw/ make the same sound. Reading texts will also introduce more subject-specific content and provide a focus on developing higher level reading and comprehension skills.

In grammar, students will build on and extend learning from previous levels, including focusing on the past tense, time connectives, participle adjectives, and noun/verb pairs.

Opportunities in math will further extend the students’ mathematical knowledge and understanding as well as their known vocabulary. This will be achieved through a study of math concepts, including multiplication and division, number, word and expanded number forms, attributes of two- and three-dimensional shapes, fractions, and distributive properties.

A writing project running throughout the unit will allow the students to apply new vocabulary within a writing task that is presented to the teacher in the final lesson of the unit.