English Major Course Level 6 Course Description

English Major Course Level 6

In this course, students will build on their language learning from Level 5. This is achieved through specific English language learning and content and language integrated learning. A larger amount of vocabulary will be introduced to and practiced with the students, including focus nouns and verbs in every lesson. Activities will provide students with opportunities to engage with the new language and apply this language in context.

Longer, more detailed readers will extend students reading skills, allow them to learn subject-specific content and read new vocabulary in a new context. Furthermore, phonic learning will progress to word study, in which students will explore a broader range of spelling rules. These include looking at blends, such as /ie/ and /ei/ and rules for their use as well as introducing prefixes and suffixes and helping students understand how these change the meaning of words, such as adding ‘ion’ to verbs

Multiple grammar foci in each session support students to make more progress in this level. These foci include a study of homophones, simple, compound, and complex sentences, the past, present and future tense, and making commands.

Level 6 also provides more speaking and listening opportunities for students, through modelled conversations, the reading of poems and listening comprehension exercises.

A focus on writing comprehension will support students with ongoing practice of spelling rules and the writing of new vocabulary words. This is complemented by the writing project that runs throughout the unit, allowing the students to apply new vocabulary within a writing task that is presented to the teacher in the final lesson of the unit.