Free Talk Course Description

Free Talk

In this course, students will have opportunities to have a guided conversation and start building the English language with words and sentences they know. This will be achieved through a specific topic-base discussion with the focus on speaking and listening, vocabulary, sentence building, grammar, and show and tell. Learning will be contextualized in age-appropriate topics, including favorite toys, a day at the zoo, meals of the day, the five senses, school basics, emotions, and my neighborhood.

The Free Talk lessons provide speaking activities introducing students to words and encouragement to speak about their own personal thoughts and ideas on these topics. Students will practice through a combination of question and answer, reading activities, forming sentences with their opinions, and sharing through discussions. In addition, students will be introduced to some videos and songs related to the topic in each lesson. This provides an opportunity for students to listen and analyze the content during the discussion.

The overall goal is to increase and improve their speaking skills. We help train students to enter speech competitions. We also help students simply be the best English speaker on an everyday basis.

Free Talk is a fully immerse English experience helping young learners develop strong conversational skills with a variety of interests and fun topics.