Little Artist Course Description

Little Artist

In this course, students will learn a range of art techniques and have the opportunity to apply these through engaging, fun and sometimes challenging art projects! The lessons all link to age-appropriate themes, such as pets, bugs, shapes and the four seasons. This allows learners to develop their subject knowledge and known vocabulary alongside the artistic activities they will engage in, which provide the perfect opportunity for real life application of this language. 

The Little Artist lessons also cover two key art skills: creating and responding. Subjective judgements are important in art and so learners will have the opportunity to look at a range of famous artworks related to the theme of the lesson, make judgements and share their thoughts on these. Learners can also use the artworks they study to inspire them in their main art project in the lesson. 

To support the learners’ creation of artworks, specific art techniques will be explicitly taught and practiced before being applied to specific art projects, ensuring that learners leave every lesson with an artwork they can be proud of.  

It is expected that parents will support their child in these sessions, particularly with some of the more tricky techniques. This also helps to make our lessons great fun for both younger students who will require a bit more adult help, to older students who can work more independently.