Little Dancer Course Description

Little Dancer (Group)

In this course, students will learn the foundations of ballet, hip hop and jazz dances all the while improving their body awareness, spatial awareness, rhythm, memory and exploration of emotional expressions!

Whether your Little Dancer is spinning ballet webs with Spiderman, getting jazzed to do the Charleston with Princess Tiana or learning how to captivate audiences with Curious George, the curriculum ensures that your movement lover will see and be inspired by their favorite characters throughout their learning journey each week. The classes were created with your little one’s imagination & artistic potential in mind. The course teaches the intricate technicalities and details of dance while staying true to what is developmentally age appropriate and creatively engaging for the students.

Interactive and interesting for all learning types (visual, auditory, kinesthetic & reading & writing), each lesson gives an opportunity not only to exercise the body, but the mind. Vocabulary taught within the lessons scaffold into setting choreography for the dancer to enjoy in the moment & practice even outside of class! The repeated choreography sequences help the student improve their memory & cultivate confidence within the steps each week. Your dancers will be encouraged and emotionally supported throughout the lessons and by ending each class with a reverence “reflection” and verbal positive affirmation to say aloud, write down/draw or contemplate.

Although grown up participation is not required, having a trusted caretaker within the dance space can help the student feel more confident when exploring new movements and give them a greater sense of connection when sharing new skills acquired with someone they trust. If grown-ups cannot physically be in the dance space, it is recommended that they or someone of a mature age is at least nearby to help create a safe environment in case a slip or a spill may happen as the dancer begins taking risks and exploring their bodies throughout new and different shapes in space.