Little Mathematician Course Description

Little Mathematician

In this course, students will be introduced to a range of mathematical concepts to support their early development in key areas, such as number, shape and space, data handling, measurement and pattern and function. We aim to support each little learner to gain subject knowledge, learn new mathematical vocabulary, know a range of mathematical techniques, and apply these to questions and problems.

The Little Mathematician lessons all include the opportunity for students to engage with a range of math’s manipulatives to support their understanding of key concepts. These also help to keep the sessions engaging, interactive and hands-on so students can start to construct new understanding through their own explorations.

To support the learners’ mathematical understanding, the teacher will model key skills, such as counting, drawing mathematical models, creating graphs, and reading scales, to support students’ understanding. It is expected that parents will support their child in these sessions, particularly with some of the trickier techniques. This helps to make our lessons great fun for both younger students who will require a bit more adult help, to older students who can work more independently and ensures every child leaves the lesson with a better understanding of how numbers work!