Little Scholar Course Description

Little Scholar

In this course, students will be introduced to the alphabet and the sounds of each letter to support their pronunciation of initial sounds and their understanding of the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet! The lessons all link to specific letters and introduce the sound, common words that start with the sound and activities and songs to encourage learners’ pronunciation skills.

Each lesson follows an engaging and age-appropriate theme to contextualize the learning and provide an opportunity to incorporate hand-on craft activities. These activities allow students to stay active, practice newly learnt sounds in a real context and take pride in their creations in each lesson.

The Little Scholar lessons all include the opportunity for students to learn through call and response, songs and rhymes and role play. We aim to keep the learners busy throughout all the sessions to keep their brains active! In addition to learning the letter sounds, learners will also practice their letter formation, for both capital and small letters.

To support the learning, the teacher will guide learners through understanding the taught concepts and the correct pronunciation of sounds. It is expected, though, that parents will support their child in these sessions, particularly with some of the trickier techniques. This helps to make our lessons great fun for both younger students who will require a bit more adult help, to older students who can work more independently – particularly with the craft activities!