Little Yogaru Course Description

Little Yogaru

In this course, students will learn a range of yoga techniques and have the opportunity to apply these through engaging, fun and natural body movements! The lessons all link to age-appropriate themes, such as Earth, Air, Wood, Water, Sun, Fire, Harvest, Metal, Space, Mountain, Ocean, and Sky. This allows learners to develop their subject knowledge and known vocabulary alongside with the natural flow of movement and activities they will engage in, which provide the perfect opportunity for their overall well-being. 

Schoolization’s Little Yogaru is co-created with Natural Rhythms nature-based yoga curriculum that not only focuses on just physical yogic postures but creates a virtual space for peace and mindfulness to naturally occur through the 5 senses and Nature. This is Yoga, the union of the mind and the body. 

Regardless of their age, your child will be immersed in the meditative movement practice of yoga through games, projects, and ideas for outdoor adventures at home. 

Watch as your child begins to gain skills of physical and emotional regulation and personal expression. Our goal is to impart an understanding of the rhythm of nature and the elements that are the building blocks to all things, giving them skills that will last a lifetime.