Major Course Preschool Course Description

Preschool Major Course

In this course, students will be introduced to a range of new vocabulary, the alphabet, individual letter sounds, letter formation and craft skills. Lessons will incorporate a wide range of varied activities, including videos, role play, matching activities, speaking activities, drama activities, songs, chants, and rhymes.

The Preschool Major Course lessons are all themed to provide an age-appropriate and engaging context for the learning. Each lesson also provides learners with the opportunity to create a craft relating to the specific lesson theme, such as making puppets, making play-doh models, and drawing and painting.

To support the learning, the teacher will guide learners through the use of explicit modelling, shared work, call and response and opportunities for the learners to inquire independently. 

It is expected that parents will support their child in these sessions, particularly with some of the trickier techniques. This helps to make our lessons great fun for both younger students who will require a bit more adult help, to older students who can work more independently and ensures every child leaves the lesson with a better understanding of the lesson topic and a wonderful craft to be proud of!