Preschool Program: age 3-6

Preschool Program


Come join us at one of our Preschool courses. All of your classes will be taught by a highly qualified teacher with a degree  The Preschool program is for young learners from age 3-to 6 that we offer. Preschool classes are designed to be educational, engaging, safe  and nurturing. Lesson materials are delivered effectively to the little ones with our exceptional curriculum.   Our Preschool coursework is taken in an online classroom setting to prepare the students for elementary years. It is also  to help Homeschool parents who want a curriculum to help guide their child with a little more structure. We will give you all of the tools you need to make this program a success for you and your little scholar.

Offering different coursework in English to help them discover the world around them through alphabet & phonics, art, music, math, coding, wellness and more. Each online class consists of small group settings and are 45 minutes of fun and interactive engagement.