23 Exciting Family Traditions for Kids to Start

Holidays and special occasions are a time for families to come together and create lasting

memories. In this blog, we’ll explore 23 fun and heartwarming traditions you can start with your

family. These traditions will help you connect, share, and truly be in the “PRESENT” moment,

which means giving the gift of your time and being fully engaged in the moment right in front of


What Is Tradition?

Tradition is like a special way of doing something that families repeat because it makes them

happy. It’s like a special family recipe that you cook together again and again. These family

traditions can be like little gifts of joy that you give to your family. Let’s dive in and discover how

these traditions can bring smiles and laughter to your family.


  1. Weekly Movie Night

Choose a day of the week, like Friday, and have a movie night together. Pop some popcorn,

snuggle up with cozy blankets, and enjoy a fun family movie. You can take turns picking the

movie each week!


  1. Build a Family Fort

On a rainy or lazy day, build a super cool fort in the living room. Use pillows, blankets, and

cushions to make it cozy. You can even read books or tell stories inside your fort.


  1. Game Night

Set aside a special night for board games, card games, or puzzles. Invite your siblings and

parents to join in the fun. You’ll have a blast competing and laughing together.


  1. Cooking Adventures

Explore the kitchen with your family by cooking new and delicious recipes. Try making

homemade pie, baking cookies, or your favorite dinner dish together. Don’t forget to enjoy your

yummy creations!


  1. Nature Walks

Take a family walk in the park or woods to discover the beauty of nature. You can look for

interesting leaves, stones, or even insects. It’s a great way to learn about the outdoors.


  1. Storytime Snuggles

Before bedtime, have a special story time with your parents. They can read you a book or make

up a story. It’s a cozy and heartwarming tradition.


  1. Community Project Together

Pick a project that your family can work on together to make your community a better place.

Whether it’s cleaning up a park or helping at a local shelter, it’s a great way to give back.


  1. Family Picnics

On a sunny day, pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and head to a nearby park.

Enjoy your lunch in the great outdoors. Don’t forget to bring a frisbee or a ball to play with!


  1. Family Photo Album

Create a family photo album together. Print out your favorite annual pictures and make a special

book full of memories. It’s like making a treasure chest of moments.


  1. Kindness Calendar

Make a kindness calendar with good deeds to do each day. You can help your parents with

chores, share toys, or be extra nice to your siblings. It’s a great way to spread love.


  1. Shopping for Children and Families in Need

During the holidays, go shopping together as a family to buy gifts for children and families in

need. It’s a wonderful way to teach your kids about generosity and kindness.


  1. Pajama Breakfast

Pick a morning to have a special pajama breakfast. Stay in your cozy PJs and enjoy pancakes,

waffles, or cereal. It’s like having a sleepover at home!


  1. Superhero Day

Choose a day to become a superhero as a family. Create your superhero names, make capes,

and go on imaginary adventures to save the day.


  1. Memory Box

Decorate a special box and call it your :Memory Box.” Whenever you have something amazing

happen, like a ticket stub, a drawing, or a cool rock, put it in the box. Your family can open it and

relive those moments.


  1. Story Swap

Have a “Story Swap” night where each family member takes turns making up a story. It can be

as silly or adventurous as you like.


  1. Family Gardening

Plant flowers or vegetables in your backyard or pots on your windowsill. Taking care of plants

and watching them grow is a wonderful way to bond with your family.


  1. Leave Love Notes

Write little notes of love and encouragement for your children and hide them in their lunchboxes,

under their pillows, or in surprise places. It’s a tradition that will make them smile.


  1. Family Science Experiments

Try simple science experiments as a family. Make a volcano with baking soda and vinegar or

create colorful potions with food coloring. Science is super cool!


  1. Puzzle Challenge

Start a family puzzle challenge. Get a big jigsaw puzzle and work on it together, piece by piece.

It’s a fun way to cooperate and solve problems.


  1. Outdoor Adventure Day

Choose a day to go on an outdoor adventure. It could be a hike, a bike ride, or exploring a new

park. Enjoy the fresh air and discover new places as a family.


  1. Homemade Pizza Night

Make your pizzas for dinner. Let each family member choose their favorite toppings and create

your personalized pizza masterpieces. Then, enjoy your delicious creations!


  1. Celebrate Un-Birthdays

On days when it’s not your birthday, celebrate “Un-Birthday” as a family. Bake a small cake or

share a special treat. It’s a reminder to celebrate life every day.


  1. Gratitude Circle

Before bedtime, gather in a circle and share something you’re thankful for. It can be as simple

as a sunny day or a kind friend. Expressing gratitude is a heartwarming way to end the day.


Starting fun family traditions is like creating your very own book of adventures and special

moments. These traditions are like secret ingredients that make your family bond stronger and

bring joy to your hearts. So, choose the traditions that make you smile and have loads of fun



Have any special traditions to share with the community? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below or send us an email!



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