8 Daily Reminders For Parents To Start Your Day Off Strong


Whatever your day has in store for you, I think daily reminders is a great way to start off your day as a parent. Reminders can either get you through some of the hard times or appreciate the good! Below are 8 powerful reminders I wanted to share. I hope they have as much an impact on your day as they have on mine!


Every Moment is Changing.

I grew up holding onto the moment and to always look for those everlasting relationships, marriage, friendships, jobs, pictures, memories, and the list goes on. It is great to have certain memories to reminisce, but I realized that holding on too tight actually stops me from growing as a person…as a mom.  I had to learn that Life is forever changing, and every moment is changing right in front of me.  Once you realize that every moment is changing and that you cannot control anyone or anything else except for yourself and your own actions, you will actually feel lighter and be happier to live and embrace the moment. Whatever your goals are in life, whatever you are working towards or dreaming of, go for it!. Create new good habits, get rid of the old ones that are holding you back. Just breathe and absorb the present.

Today is a new day.

It’s a fresh day and you can make it into anything you want it to be! Do your best to not let anything from yesterday “the past” stress you and ruin what you have right now on this day. Whatever happened yesterday is gone and learn to let go.  Let go of whatever that no longer serves you.  Let go of anything that is preventing you to be the best version of yourself. Rise over it and become the happiest parent you can be. Yes, it is possible! On that same note, you can’t rush tomorrow – it will get here when it gets here! So even though you might be looking forward to something tomorrow or next week, make sure you don’t forget to enjoy today. Start doing something new and it will put you on the path towards accomplishing your goals!


Parent Power is More Than You Think.

Whether you believe in a greater power, the Creator, angels, believe in the law of attraction, or anything else, remember to add yourself to that list.  You have Mom or Dad Power and I think ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’ is a powerful tool! You will be amazed at the things you can accomplish when you believe in yourself and have the will power to make it happen. Whatever work lies ahead of you. Whatever tasks you have to accomplish today. Know that the Parent Power within you is more than you think. You got this!

Others Don’t Define Who We Are.

It really doesn’t matter what others around you have or are. What makes you YOU is what makes you beautiful! In times when it’s so easy to compare yourself to others, it’s even more important to remind yourself every day that you aren’t defined by your comparison to others. You are defined by who you make of yourself and loving yourself 150% is the best beauty secret to honed it as a parent.

Positivity Is a Choice.

You have the power to choose. Positive thoughts can create positive things – I truly believe this and think your mind is in charge 100% and it creates your thoughts which manifests into your actions and words.  It creates the world you are living in! Fill it with positivity.

Failure Is OK.

Life is the journey and not just the destination. It takes perseverance to keep going and knowing that failure is ok make it OKAY. One of my favorite quotes is “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!” Yes, it’s not easy at times. Yes, it’s hard work only if you think it’s hard work. Sure, you’ll miss a few steps and stumble along the way going up and down the stairs, but it’s the journey and your failures  that strengthen you and helps you succeed.

Hardships Prepares for an Extraordinary Destiny.

Through Life’s journey we experience many ups and downs and have encounter numerous ebbs and flows. You must know that a journey filled with hardships often prepares you for an extraordinary destiny.  We may not know why something is happening at that moment but know and accept that there’s a reason for everything.  You were meant to be where you were yesterday, where you are today, and where you will be tomorrow.  It is all preparing you for YOUR extraordinary DESTINY… You need to allow it!

Learn Your Lessons.

Be open minded to learning your lessons.  Lessons that were created to help you become your higher self and to vibrate at a higher frequency. Sometimes you need to swallow your pride and tear yourself apart in order to put yourself back together.  Become a better version of you each time you learn a lesson and press forward in doing it better the next time around.  I’ve been there.

Love is a Choice.

I learned this early on in my adulthood that Love is a choice. You consciously make a choice to love someone or something. It is not just a feeling and we must choose to have balance between emotions and logic. When you wake up, who and what do you choose to love?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other mantras or daily reminders that you live by or start your day off right! Share with other parents on how you do it.


All the Best,

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