3 Sweet Ways To Make Quality Time Educational On Valentine’s Day For Preschoolers

Looking to do something fun and sweet with your little ones this Valentine’s day? Many moms and teachers enjoy this holiday and we are sharing some FREE Printable for you to use when you spend time together. It is important that we carve out some fun, quality time for our kids or young learners whether it’s at home or in a classroom. So I do have a few tips on spending quality time and making the most of these educational worksheets! (Don’t forget to leave me some of your fun parent or teacher holiday tips in the comments below!)

Prepare What You Need.

Prepare what you need ahead of time. Print the worksheets at least a few days before. That way you don’t have to rush the last minute getting the printable ready.  Get the props you may need to go along with these printable: a heart, some candy or chocolate, teddy bear, red rose, a pencil, crayons and other things you wish to have. You will use some of these to ‘show & tell’ what the vocabulary words mean. The candy or chocolate can be a reward for completing some tasks. The pencil and crayons are for writing and coloring in the pages. The more organized you are the more you can fully enjoy your quality time with your child or students. It’s worth preparing, so you can have fun and educate at the same time!

Learn the Vocabulary and Numbers.

Our printables are filled with different activities: V-day card, word puzzle, math numbers, unscramble vocabulary, letter matching and coloring pages. One of the first thing to do is to grab those props you prepared ahead of time and the worksheets with vocabulary words and do a ‘show & tell’. Help your Preschooler make the connection what each word means. Try giving the teddy bear hugs and kisses. Use the heart and teach them to say “I love you.” Give your child rewards (Yes….the candy and chocolate you bought ahead of time!) When you use the math sheets, grab your crayons and help them count. Take out some candy or chocolate and have your Preschooler count them from 1-10 (or higher). I like using candy hearts for this activity. You can have fun while educating your child about words and numbers. Plus, you can eat some together afterward. ☺

Make Valentine’s Day Cards.

Choose from the cute pages we have ready for you. You can choose to do some coloring or make some Valentine’s day cards to spread the LOVE! The cards are outlined, so have fun getting them ready for your friends and family!

These activities can help your preschool-age child to develop better motor skills – especially when they’re not quite writing letters yet. Plus, coloring pages can be hung up on your fridge afterwards.  Yes, a proud mommy!

You can download our FREE Valentine’s Day Workbook to get started!

Click for the FREE Download:

Schoolization Valentine’s Day Workbook

These were just a few ideas to help you enjoy a fun, educational, quality time with your kids or students all at once. Have any of your own tips or activities to share about spending time together with your child or students on Valentine’s Day? Drop them in the comments and share with other parents and teachers!



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