3 Special Ways To Celebrate Moms


Do you want to do something special with your mom on this Mother’s Day? Moms deserve to be recognized every day, but especially on this holiday for the love, care and guidance they give unconditionally.  Today, we are sharing a FREE Mother’s Day Activity Book for you to use when you celebrate together. We hope that the pages will help moms and kids to have fun. And I do have a few tips on making the most of these activities in the workbook! (Don’t forget to leave us some of the fun activities you do on this holiday in the comments below!)

Make a Card for Mom.

Print the Happy Mother’s Day Activity Book at least a few days before. That way you are all ready to go.  Get the coloring pencils or crayons you may need to go along with this Schoolization activity book. We have two pages to make a card for you to choose from. You can choose to decorate the folded Mother’s Day card however you like and don’t forget to add a special note for Mom to surprise her. Or you can choose the full-page Heart with Love that’s bigger and make it very colorful. This is a great way to show appreciation and spend time together in celebrating the Moms out there!

Get to Know Your Amazing Mom.

Our book is filled with different activities: One of the pages is called Mom’s Resume and you can share about what mom likes to say, favorite hobby, and even why “I love my mom”. This is a good way for your little one to practice writing and ask questions about mom if they don’t know already. Plus, they always have funny things to say! You can have fun while educating your child about words and spelling. Plus, you can put the pages on the fridge together afterward. ☺

Tell Your Mom How Great She IS.

Choose from the cute pages we have ready for you. You can choose to do some coloring on the Mother’s Day card, word puzzle, or write a poem to tell your MOM how great and amazing she is! There is a page in the book that has a heart maze and write 10 words to describe about Mom. I like to add a little love in between these activities with lots of hugs and kisses.

I named a few ideas to help you and your child enjoy time with each other and for them to learn something while celebrating this special day with you. Plus, you are building lasting memories together!

You can download our FREE Mother’s Day activity book to get started!

Click for the FREE Download:

Schoolization Activity Book Mother’s Day


These were just a few ideas to help you enjoy a fun, educational, sweet celebration with your child all at once. Have any of your own tips or activities to share about spending time together with your child on Mother’s Day? Drop them in the comments and share with other parents and our community!



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