How To Enrich Your Child’s English With Schoolization’s English Course?

If you want your child to learn English online in an encouraging, engaging setting, you’ve come to the right place! With our 45-minute private and group classes, students connect with caring, exceptional teachers around the globe. Our English course builds communication skills, cultural understanding, and language fluency, fostering independent thinking and allowing every child to flourish.

Who We Are

At Schoolization, we believe that learning is an adventure. We use an innovative online learning platform so that you can connect with our courses wherever you are. Our classes are practical and entertaining, and our teachers tailor each lesson to your child’s individual needs. We provide unparalleled support at every step of your little one’s learning journey, and we guide all students to build futures they love.

We offer free resources to parents and student around the globe.  Our school recently started to write our own children’s book and offer Story Time events throughout the year.  One of the perks of becoming a part of our community is also receiving Free Printable for your little ones to enjoy.  Today, we have a great download to help your child get started as a beginner or do extra practice at home for those who started their English journey already: My Alphabet A-Z Book

What We Offer

Our English course combines elements of the European Common Framework and the American Common Core to give young learners a well-rounded foundation in English. We teach phonics, speaking, reading, grammar, and writing skills, including vocabulary expansion and sentence
building. With props, games, chants, songs, and videos, our interactive lessons will hold your child’s attention.

We provide a positive learning atmosphere that celebrates your child’s strengths. All of our lessons are taught by certified teachers who are fluent in English. With modeling, guided practice, and a step-by-step approach that matches each learner’s pace, our teachers enable all students to become confident, independent speakers.

When you book our English course for your little one, you’ll have a choice of private or group classes. Our group courses have two to six students. You can select your child’s teachers and class times. If you need to change your regular class schedule, reschedule a class, or cancel a booking, you may do so up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Get Started With Us

We provide free trial lessons for all of our new students. During a trial lesson, you and your child can see our learning platform in action, and we’ll suggest an appropriate starting level for your child’s English course. If you choose to enroll your young learner in our English classes, you can
manage class types and payments through the student dashboard. We offer affordable monthly subscription plans to suit your needs.

Contact us today to start your child’s Schoolization journey with a free trial class. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions and help with registration and booking. We look forward to meeting you!

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to Sign Up:

1.  Visit the website:

2. Click sign up and enter your information. Be sure to put your child’s name and date of birth in the Student name and Bio section.

3. Fill in the class and the learning category that you are interested in so we can reserve and confirm a spot for your child.

Click here to Sign Up for your account.

Do you have some questions? Please share them in the comments below or contact us directly at!


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