4 Ways to Talk About the Time Of Year Using Flashcards

Was it Tuesday or Thursday? Are there one or two R’s in February? Is Monday the first or second
day of the week? What days are on the weekend? Do these questions sound familiar?

This fun deck of flashcards will help your young learner feel confident in answering all of these
questions, and more. Here are 4 helpful ways to teach kids about the Time of Year with this
flashcard set:

1) The 7 Days of the Week

Learning the order and spelling of the days of the week can be a
challenge, that’s why we have included both on our flashcards. Students can practice making
sentences like “Monday is the first day of the week.” We have also included cards for
weekdays and weekends so students can practice sorting the days into each of the two

2) The 12 Months of the Year

As with the days of the week we have included a small calendar
icon that indicates the order of the months. Students can practice spelling the months and
placing them in the correct order.

3) The 4 Seasons

How about practicing the months of the year by arranging them into the four
seasons? Students can practice saying: “January is in the winter” or “April is in the spring.”

4) Weather patterns

Can your young learner describe the weather in each season? Try
practicing the basic weather patterns by matching them to the seasons. Students can practice
making sentences like “June is sunny” and “December is snowy.” In addition, each weather
flashcard includes both the noun (sun) as well as the adjective (sunny).

We’ve also included several games you can play with our flashcard sets. For example, how about
playing a fun game of Ready, Set, Action! Have your young learner move from one card to the
next by giving them an action command like: ”Hop from sunny to rainy!” “Skip from Monday to
Wednesday!” “Crawl from January to July!”.

You can use them digitally on your devices anytime anywhere once you download it. Our Time of Year flashcards also come ready to download and print! To ensure a long-lasting deck,
print them on a durable card stock. Then cut, shuffle, and start learning!

Ready to try? Find our Time of Year flashcards and more at our SHOP.

Happy Learning!


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