Spelling Out L-O-V-E with 4 Fun Activities for Your Little Valentines

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Schoolization is growing, and it’s all thanks to you!


That’s right! We are so thankful for your support and dedication to your child’s education. In celebration of that – and Valentine’s Day on February 14th – we’re sending you a FREE + Printable Activity Book for your little ones. Included are word scrambles, coloring and poem-writing, and even a Valentine. Find the link at the bottom of this article.


With that in mind, even though Valentine’s is just a one-day holiday, why not spread the love all month – and to loved one all around? Remind your little ones that Valentines come in all shapes and sizes. They can be old or young, near or far, family or friends, furry or short-haired.


Today we’ve got some fun ideas to help encourage kids to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to spread their love in many different directions. Try one, or all of these craft/activity ideas:


L— Love Nature: Make a Nature Heart

Even when you’re not feeling the love, sometimes you have to get out there and MAKE it! Use this outdoor activity to take a stroll with your little one to a park. Find whatever gifts nature sends your way – from rocks and sticks to leaves and acorns. Shape them together to make a heart, flower, or any other design that brings good vibes. It will not only make you feel good making it, but it will be an unexpected gift to someone who just might need it.


O — OXO: Tic-Tac-Toe

Make some tic-tac-toe cards with card stock and decorate them. Put them in zip lock bags and throw in some Hershey’s kisses. Take them to a friend’s house and share a sweet and playful moment.


V — Friendship Vows: Making Necklaces

Grab a friend and some craft material like yarn, paper, beads, shells, buttons, spools, and any other materials that have jewelry potential. String together some paper hearts or painted shells with the yarn to your heart’s delight. You can even add on a little note or message. Give it to a friend or someone you think needs some extra love and “vow” to be a good friend.


E — Heart-shaped Eats.

Encourage the kids to get in the kitchen and make some heart-shaped goodies, from the heart! Pancakes, pizza dough, sandwich bread, and quesadillas can all be cut or shaped into hearts and spark some fun memories.

You can download and print out our Schoolization Valentine’s Day Activity Book here.


How do you spend your Valentine’s Day? Have any favorite crafts or activities to add? Drop a comment below or send us an email!



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