Our Top 3 Favorite Ways to Teach Animals with Flashcards

The Animal Kingdom:
Animals make everything more fun, especially learning! Our 50 Animals flashcard pack comes
with…you guessed it…the fifty most common animals to begin your journey through the animal
kingdom. Each card comes with an easy-to-read vocabulary word and realistic image of the
Ready to move beyond the “listen and repeat” flashcard method? Try these 3 fun games to play
with our 50 Animals Flashcard deck:

1) Act It Out! Practice naming animals with a fun game of charades. Choose an animal, and
without showing the card or saying the name, make an animal sound or act out movements
and actions until the other player guesses correctly! Laughing while learning only leads to
more successful learning!

2) What Am I? Take turns describing the animal without showing the card and having the other
person guess. Depending on their level you can use information like body parts (“I have a very
long neck, four legs, a tail, and brown spots”), colors (“I am black and white”), habitat (“I
sometimes live on land and sometimes live in water.”), or behavior (“I like to sing early in the

3) Order Up: If a child wants to work independently or needs more practice with spelling, they
can practice arranging groups in alphabetical order from A to Z.
Ready to put these flashcards to the test? You can find our 50 Animals deck here. They come
ready to download and print.

Click here to view the digital products.

Happy Learning!


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