5 Ideas to Inspire Winter Fun with Kids

Looking for ways to entertain the kids over the winter months? We know the holidays can be an overwhelming time of year with LOTS to do. We often find ourselves left scrambling to make time for each other and take time for special activities that only wintertime can inspire. Today we’re offering 5 ways to get the kids off the couch and get moving and creating. Some of these can be used to encourage independent play while you’re wrapping presents and making holiday plans – or any of them can be turned into a full-on family event!

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5 Ideas to Inspire Winter Fun With Kids:

  1. Have a Hot cocoa date! Get the family together and make a nice spread of hot chocolate packs and toppings (flavored whipped creams, syrups, chocolate sprinkles, candy canes…and of course, marshmallows). Have everyone custom-make their own hot chocolate and share the joy of seeing what each person comes up with.
  2. Story Time. From the Nutcracker to The Night Before Christmas, there are loads of winter and holiday themed children’s story books that can be brought out especially for this time of year. Who doesn’t love to cuddle under some warm blankets and share a story together? Whether it’s your child doing the reading or you are (or a little bit of both!), it’s a lovely way to build tradition and memories. Did you have a favorite one as a child? Try sharing it with the kids!
  3. Movie Night. Not only can holiday storybooks give us the warm fuzzies when we pull them out with the holiday decorations but so can catching a favorite movie with the family. Try having a movie night once a week and rotate who gets to choose! A Charlie Brown Christmas? Check! Have each person choose a movie snack to go with their pick.
  4. Ornament Making. Can we mostly agree that the best ornaments are handmade ones? Making ornaments can inspire creativity and give your kids time to work independently. Throw some supplies on the table (try recycled materials) and see what they come up with! If they need help with ideas, have them draw a self-portrait and write the year on it. Inspire the gift of giving by having them bring one to a neighbor.
  5. Cold Play. Yes, it can be pretty cold depending on where you are located. Some of us are lucky to have big backyards while others not. Regardless, it’s important for kids to get outside – whether it’s to get exercise, run off excess energy, witness the changing of the seasons, or get some old-fashioned nature stimulation. Not sure how to get creative with it? Have them go for a nature hunt. Write down a list of things for them to find (3 red leaves, 7 acorns, a pine needle, etc…) and send them out with a sac to gather their goods. If you have snow around, try activities like snow bowling, snow ice cream, or freezing bubbles outside.

We wish you a lovely winter and hope you find warmth through making quality time for each other.

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Have any ideas to add to our list? We would LOVE to hear them. Drop a comment below or send us an email!


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