Remind Kids to be Thankful with 3 Easy Tips


Remind Kids to be Thankful with 3 Easy Tips

Have you ever wondered if we’re raising our kids with a Thankful heart? I did when they were in primary school, and I still do as they become independent teenagers. What is the foundation we’re building as individuals? As parents, we want to guide them with the “Right” values and one of them is having a thankful heart. Today, we are sharing a FREE Thanksgiving Day Activity Book for you to print and use during this Thanksgiving celebration. Let’s dig into this topic together!

  1. Have Quality Talks Giving Definitions.

Define for them what the word “Thankful” means. Define words that relate to giving “Thanks”. Help your child to understand from a perspective that is related to their maturity level and give examples of how we can all show Thankfulness. It helps to relate this to their current environment. Guide them to understand “How” to not take things for granted and value even the smallest things in life because it makes us better individuals. Often times, we just give our standards and expectations as parents and forget to give our kids the reasons why we’re saying it.

  1. Use your Creativity.

Our book is filled with different activities: Two of the pages from the Poetry Corner is for your child to write an acrostic and/or Haiku poem about being Thankful.  Your child can share who they are thankful for and what they are thankful for.  More importantly, ask them “Why”? This is a meaningful way for your kids to practice writing and spelling. We also included a word puzzle, spelling bee, math corner pages, and coloring pages, so choose from the cute pages we have ready for you.

  1. Set a Time for Questions and Answers.

Maybe set breakfast time (or dinner) for time together as a family and give each other an opportunity to share about what’s going on in each other’s life. Ask your kids “What are you THANKFUL for?” and be sure to tell them what you are thankful for because after all we are their role models. It’s important to instill openness and effective communication at a young age. Communication is one of the key components to any type of relationship.

We hope you will enjoy time during this Thanksgiving week while learning something together. When we invest time and energy in our children, we are building long lasting bonds with them that are priceless!

You can download our FREE Thanksgiving Day activity book to get started!

Click for the FREE Download:

Schoolization Thanksgiving Activity Book

These were just a few ideas to help you enjoy a meaningful, educational, memorable celebration with your child all at once. Have any of your own ways or activities to share about “Being Thankful”? Drop them in the comments and share with other parents and our community!


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