6 Cool Tips for the Kids in Spooktober

With this spooky holiday creeping around the corner it is very important to keep safe and also to have as much fun with your child in the Spooktober time. Here are 6 TIPS to help you with your Halloween plans. Stay safe and enjoy.


1. Keep an eye out:

We get it, you guys are having some real sweet fun, but some people are going to pop out of nowhere and most of the time it isn’t gonna be the best time. But now these days police, security systems, and yourselves are more attentive to your safety and your child too. It’s best to keep an eye on your kid and make sure they know to stay close… But don’t worry too much this is one of the days of the year you can grab some candy too! It also doesn’t hurt alert your kid if something feels of to you, make up a secret code word before you go on your trip out. 


2. Plan out your trick or treating route:

It’s the big day, your kid is all excited, your packing the extra things you can do to keep your little one safe. Take a walk before you go trick or treating or look on an online map to get familiar with the neighborhood you’re stopping by tonight. It doesn’t hurt to note where the street lights are and where are the roads located as it can be a little bit tricky to navigate at night time.


3. Stay home if you want to:

You can still have some sweet fun if you and your child decided on staying home for this spooky night, there are plentiful of ways to still have fun, plus, this means instead of your child going around getting the treats they can take some from the give away pile. We will give you guys some exciting tips to keep the groove in the house spooky.


4.Watch a kid-friendly scary movie at home:

Did you know when movies were first made, they were supposed to give everyone who was watching them a break from what was going on and give them something else to have fun watching. While most kids do prefer to go out and get some candy  like what was written before, but there are ways for you and your kid to have fun on this day. So, grab a bite of sweets and your home made popcorn, and get ready for some spooky movies with the family.


5.Watch what you eat:

Wait, what’s that noise? It’s getting louder, is it a truck, a plane, or a train? No silly, it’s the stomach! I think your kid may have ate a bit too much candy, and I think your kid’s stomach agrees with me. So we’ve all been there, that golden shining bucket that’s all theirs to eat, but wait, are you sure you guys want to eat all of those now? It is important that you consider that quantity of wrapped-up treats aren’t really healthy for you as they contain HUGE amounts of sugar and your body isn’t made to really absorb all of it. Sure, I’m not saying to throw it all out or just eat raisins for now, but maybe 2-5 pieces of candy for every other day might just be a right fit for you. PARENTS, please be noted that different candies may contain different levels of sugar and that each kid has their own level of tolerance, so it is important to scan for any foreign objects in the candy itself, read the description for all it’s information, and finally, make sure you and your child have some fun with those balanced sweets.


6. Entertain with the Activity Book:

Use our activity book: Our FREE activity book will have SOOOOOOOO much fun for your child to-do and they will have so much to-do in order to complete it. To start we have pages of fun art to color, funny vocabulary worksheets, pages of writing poems, stories, and more fun stuff. While that is not all, we have Your Own Monster Creation Page as that will not only boost their ESL, but also their creativity. To help with math, our math challenge will help your child improve their basic math skills to the next level (Check out our Little Mathematician preschool course available now), while our word search will help their spelling of the hidden words and writing practices (ex: What are you afraid of: I’m afraid of spiders and spooky ghost stories.) This is going to be something your child can use to specialize their creativity as well.

Thank you for stopping by to read our blogs and we will link our Halloween Activity Book down below for your child to have lots of fun. Stay safe and healthy!


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Schoolization Activity Book Halloween


Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for a spooky and fun Halloween! Share with other parents on how you do it.
Happy Reading!

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