7 Ways to Make Phonics Fun: Introducing Super Phonics Flashcards!

Simply put, phonics are an effective method of teaching children how to read. In the English
alphabet there are 26 letters, however, many of those letters have more than one sound. In fact, in
the English language there are 44 sounds we call phonemes. By teaching children how to break
down a word into different segments and pronounce each sound separately before blending them
together, young learners can learn to read — and write — at a much faster pace.
But how do we teach our precious learners these tricks? You guessed it! Super Phonics
Flashcards! Here are several ways our flashcards can help:

1) Listening Skills

Each phoneme contains two flashcards with up to 3 words and images per
card. Kids can start developing their listening skills by listening for these sounds in relatable
context. For example, listen for the sound that letter “Z” makes in the words zoo, zebra,
zombie, zipper, zigzag, zero. (Our flashcards even have pictures for each word!)

2) Speaking Skills

Hear it, now say it! Once they get comfortable hearing the pronunciation,
kids can start reproducing and mastering these essential sounds on their own.

3) Visual Learning

Kids can relate each phoneme and blend to a fun, colorful image. We’ve
carefully selected images that will both build on our student’s vocabulary base but also keep
them engaged.

4) Repetition is everything when it comes to memorization

Flashcards are an essential tool for
staying in rhythm and helping keep up the momentum. Even more, they make an ideal tool
because you can go at your child’s individual pace.

5) Identifying trouble areas

Flashcards can help identify your young learner’s strengths and
weaknesses. By narrowing down those trouble areas and tricky phonemes, you can gently
guide them to work out their problems and then master it.

6) Blending phonemes

In addition to learning the sounds of each letter in the alphabet, we
have also included an additional 22 essential phonics blends, such as /ch/ and /ee/. Students
can advance to these blends and start to understand how sounds change when paired with
other letters.

7) Stay playful

With every deck of flashcards we’ve included ideas for games! Try one our with
your learner, like Hidden Sounds! Start by hiding several flashcards around the room. Say the
phonic sound and have the child try to find it. Say it louder when they are close to the card
and switch to a whisper when they are far away from the card. Keep learning playful!

Our Super Phonics flashcards come ready to download and print! To ensure a long-lasting deck,
print them on a durable card stock. Then cut, shuffle, and start learning! You can find our Super
Phonics flashcards here.

Happy Learning!


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