One Fish, Two Fish! 5 Ways Our “Numbers” Flashcards Can Help Your Young Learners

Is your young learner ready to start counting? We have just the tool for you! Set a strong
foundation for learning math with our Numbers flashcards. Divided into two separate flashcard
sets (0-50) and (51-100), kids can practice learning to read, write, and count all at once!

Here are 5 Ways Why Our Number Flashcards can help:

1) Number and Word Forms

Because it’s important that students learn both the number and
word forms, we’ve included both on each flashcard in a very easy-to-read, bold font.

2) Spell and Count

By covering the word form with your finger, students can practice spelling
the number out loud. Additionally, the first 20 cards come with images which learners can
physically point and count along with in order to visualize with learning.

3) Number Order

Students can practice placing numbers in order from least to greatest or
greatest to least. Scatter a handful of cards around the room and have them re-order them
according to instructions.

4) Basic Equations

For more advanced students you can begin to incorporate basic word
problems and equations. For example “What’s two plus five?” or “What’s ten times three?”
Have them sort through the flashcards to find the answer.

5) Counting real objects

Have your student count the pieces of furniture, pillows, buttons on
the remote control or polka dots on their sweater and find the number on a flashcard. Any
chance we get to relate information to the real world, the better!

These Numbers flashcards come ready to download and print! Simply download and print on any
card stock of your choice. They make a great grab-and-go option for the many moments in life we
spend waiting around. Find these and other flashcards here.

Happy Learning!


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