What Exactly Is a Sight Word? 4 Ways Sight Words Flashcards Can Help Young Learners

Ever wondered what exactly is a sight word? You’re not alone! Sight words are commonly used words that students are expected to identify instantly without having to stop and take time to sound them out.

They are sometimes also called “high frequency words”. But why exactly are they important? Here are four ways they can help your young learner:


1) Sight words are everywhere! Sight words make up a majority of the words we use on a daily basis. Being able to identify them instantly will make a drastic difference in learning the English language and improve a learner’s overall vocabulary.


2) Read faster! Quick recognition meads faster reading. Flashcards are an ideal tool for memorization and so by practicing a few sight words a day, you’ll be amazed how quickly reading skills can improve.


3) Nail those tricky words! Some words, like (in, and, at) are easy to recognize because they sound like how they are spelled. But not all words are so obvious. In fact, because of their tricky “non-phonetic” spelling, some words cannot be sounded out. For example, the words (the, that, was, of) are examples of sight words that kids simply must learn to memorize.


4) Have fun with it! Spice up learning with flashcards. How about a fun game of Mums the Word! Scatter a handful of cards across a surface facing up. Without using your voice (or using a soft whisper), mouth the word and have child search for the corresponding card, pointing and announcing it out loud. If they are beginners, trying using a funny voice instead!


Simply download and print on any card stock of your choice. They make a great grab-and-go option for the many moments in life we spend waiting around. Practice a little at a time and watch your little learner improve!

Find out Sight Words and other flashcards here.

Happy Learning!


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